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“2014 Tax Control Plan. The Tax Agency initiates an exhaustive control of digital economy and will encourage the early detection of clandestine activities

Staff specialised in computer auditing, coordinated by the ONIF (National Fraud Investigation Office), will reinforce on-site activities combating the underground economy to detect undeclared activity

  • On the subject of international taxation, the ONFI (National Offfice for International Tax) will plan the selection of taxpayers for inspection, the information on goods abroad will be exploited, and 340 actions will be taken on operations with tax havens
  • The Tax Agency will reinforce the use of the tools for the collection of debts that the anti-fraud law offers and will intensify demands for responsibility in bankruptcy proceedings

Resolution issued on 10th March 2014, by General Directorate of Spanish Inland Revenue, general guidelines are given for the Annual General Tax and Excise control Scheme in order to define the strategy that tax collectors will follow troughtout  2014 and in the future. (BOE, 31-May-2014)

In the field of taxation, we carry out our activity both  in the consultancy sector and advisory service and representation and defense before the tax authorities and law courts.

Companies and corporate groups.

  • Family business.
  • Corporate restructuring transactions
  • Advice during processes involving the acquisition and sale of companies, and different branches of business (MBOs and LBOs).
  • International Taxation.
  • Implementation of systems for the proper fulfilment of the legislation in the field of the prevention of money-

Proceedings before the Tax-collection bodies

  • Tax inspection authorities.
  • Verifications and legal response for requirements before Tax administration authorities
  • Proceedings before the body Collection:
  • Payment deferrals and splits both voluntary payment period and enforcement period.
  • Statements and derivations of solidarity, subsidiary and successor liability.
  • Suspension of the execution of administrative acts, and reimbursement of warranty costs.
  • Seizures and confiscation, disposal procedures, mediation and arbitration.
  • Special procedures: bankruptcy proceedings, levy civil liability derived from the offence.
  • Interim measures.


Tax Dispute.

  • Discretionary appeal for reversal
  • Economic-Administrative Claims.
  • Contentious-administrative appeal before High Courts of Justice and National High Court.
  • Cassation appeal before The Supreme Court.