Juan Galiano Estevan

Lawyer Partner

Professional History

Juan Galiano Estevan, Law Degree from the University of Valencia, joined the High Inspectorate of Finance in 1982, having held various destinations within the organization of the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Agency. So until 2003 he served as Head of Regional Unit Inspection and Collection, as well as management positions Provincial Chief Inspector and Chief of Finance of the Province of Valencia.


He incorporated in 2003 as a partner at the prestigious firm Cuatrecasas-Gonçalves Pereira.

In 2010 he joined the law firm where he practiced professional activity focused on providing tax advice in their areas of both Tax Procedures and Inspection and Collection Resources and Contentious Claims


Conferences, Masters and Publications

He is the author of numerous publications and articles and has taught as Director and Professor, teaching in various Masters Tax organized by the Association of Economists of Valencia, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the School of Business of Valencia, the Editorial CISS, University Valencia, etc …

In this section mean that he is the author of several books on taxation published by Wolters Kluwer Publishing:

  • How to award the inheritance
  • law of succession
  • Deferment, Suspension and Other Problems of  Public Finance
  • Responsibility Tax

Juan Galiano is a member of the Illustrious Bar Association of Valencia and Spanish Association of Tax Advisors

Selected publications:

  • Is it lawful to pay the municipal Plusvalia gain transfer losses?