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The Firm

The firm, whose members provide with an extended career that complements between them perfectly, an organization that is able to provide legal-tax services ranging from daily and ongoing advice in general business taxation and individuals who request until the study and analysis of all those legal dispute who daily litigation raises the tax authorities to taxpayers.
The deferred tax liabilities, advising on the development of Tax Inspection (tax audit and investigation), preparation and defense of appeals and complaints to the various economic-administrative courts and justice are some of the services the office offers the maximum guarantees and professionalism.

In this sense, the career of the members of the firm, ranging from their experience in large professional firms belonging to tax administration and practice of teaching in different tax forums, constitute the cover letter of a firm that is already a reference in Valencia.
grandes despachos profesionales a su pertenencia a cuerpos de prestigio de la Administración Tributaria y la práctica de la docencia en diversos foros tributarios, constituyen el aval y la carta de presentación de un despacho que es ya un referente en la Comunidad Valenciana.

Arttax Abogados

Roger de Lauria 19, 2nd Floor, 2B
46002 Valencia


Phone +34 963 524 120